Spray You'll Marry Me

Spray You'll Marry Me: Graffiti Artist Pops The Question By Painting His Proposal

Sep. 18th

Spray painting your marriage proposal is not a unique idea, but each piece of street art definitely is. Here are two stories of romantic graffiti artists who have arranged their proposal via spray paint.

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2D Marriage Proposal

The Optical Illusion Of A 2D Marriage Proposal

Jan. 5th

An artist has helped a man with his marriage proposal to his girlfriend after transforming them both into 2D works of art using paint in a mind-boggling optical illusion that makes the couple appear as a two-dimensional moving portrait.

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History Of Graffiti And How To Make Graffiti

History Of Graffiti And How To Make Graffiti

Nov. 25th

There is an ongoing debate regarding graffiti. Some say it is urban folk art, others vandalism. The urge to scrawl on a wall is probably older than the Pyramids, but nobody really knows the exact origins of street-art graffiti, the style that virtually took over New York in the 1970s and 1980s.

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