A ‘Pow Wow’ is a Native American celebration of music and art. It’s a gathering of creative minds. Inspired by this ancient tradition, artists organize their own ‘Pow Wows’ – art and music events for local communities, on a global scale.

Pow Wow Hong Kong

In February 2010, the first annual Pow Wow event took place in Hong Kong. Creatives were flown in from all over the world to promote creative pursuits in an urban jungle. Artists including Wu Yue, Jasper Wong, Will Barras, Pat Lee, and Jahan produced live art over two days, while DJs Verbal and Yoon masterfully provided us with musical inspiration.

Pow Wow Hawaii

The second annual Pow Wow will be held in Oahu, Hawaii in February, 2011. Following last year’s success, most of our original line-up are back on board, with some exceptional local and international additions. Our theme this year: the process of creating art. This year promises to be an explosive art event, with more artists, more music, and more reasons for you to Pow Wow.

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More About 'Pow Wow'

A gathering of contemporary artists that engages with the broader community in the process and creation of art.

Pow Wow Hawaii

The weeks of setup for the POW WOW ’11 in Honolulu culminated in blowout showcase bringing together talent from different parts of the world. People all over Hawaii came to take part in the celebration where performance, photography, graffiti, and fine art intersected.

Artists such as Will Barras, Meggs, Ekundayo, Prime, Jeff Hamada, 123Klan, Aaron de la Cruz, Kamea Hadar, Suitman and Jasper Wong created unique indoor and outdoor site specific art for display at the giant Loft in Space venue behind Fresh Cafe.

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POW WOW in Hong Kong

POW WOW in Hong Kong consists of two days with things kicking off with the "Wham Bam Thank You M'am!!!" exhibition at the newly opened Above Second gallery in the fledgling creative district of Sai Ying Pun. American-born, Hong Kong-based artist Jasper Wong came together with Chinese-born, Paris-based Wu Yue as they created a series of pieces exclusively for the show. Within the showing as well were some collaborative pieces which embodied the aesthetics of both artists.

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