The self proclaimed title of ‘Graphic Sniper’ comes suitably to mind when you think about the artists that comprise 123Klan, Scien and Klor. Keeping the audience on the edge of their seats for some time with their inventive characters, killer logos, and seemingly hard to get fashion collaborations with labels such as Stussy, Sixpack, and Adidas. They are the ultimate example of graffiti artist turned graphic artist that has taken the scene by storm, while still staying true to their roots. Originally forming 123Klan as a graffiti crew in 1992 in France, they now run as a creative studio in Montréal specialising in character illustration, branding, toy design, and touring the world speaking at conferences. With and a-list client list with the likes of Nike, Adidas, Lamborghini, Coca Cola, Stussy, Sony, and even Nasdaq, it becomes clear how much the graffiti style has infiltrated the mainstream market. Style really is their message.


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A Little About ‘Pow Wow’

A ‘Pow Wow’ is a Native American celebration of music and art. It’s a gathering of creative minds. Inspired by this ancient tradition, we organize our own ‘Pow Wows’ – art and music events for local communities, on a global scale.

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