Stuart and Lucy

Spray painting your marriage proposal is not a unique idea, but each piece of street art definitely is. Here are two stories of romantic graffiti artists who have arranged their proposal via spray paint.

In 2010 a graffiti artist asked his girlfriend to marry him by surprising her with a spray painted proposal across an entire wall of their local youth centre.

Stuart Barrie took seven hours to complete a mural for his partner Lucy after getting special permission to use the wall.He told Lucy to close her eyes, then led her to a local youth centre to see his message, which read 'Will you marry me?' in 3ft high letters. Lucy immediately accepted, spraying the word 'yes' underneath to complete his masterpiece.

Spray You'll Marry Me

Stuart was concerned that Lucy might see him painting the message before he had completed it, but fortunately his unique and unexpected art work was the big proposal surprise that he had hoped for.

Lucy is delighted with the very public proposal. And though they have been together for four years, she was amazed at the effort Stuart had made in putting the proposal on the wall and for keeping it secret.

Stuart had kept his idea close to his chest. The only people who knew were the staff at the youth centre who had given permission for him to use their wall as a canvas and close friends.

Henry Barnes and Stacey

Stacey Smith Will You Marry Me

In 2014 another romantic graffiti artist pops a creative fairytale proposal by painting a huge street art mural of her favourite Disney characters. Henry Barnes, who creates graffiti under the street name Fiver, took 2 days and used thirty cans of spray paint to create a fifty foot masterpiece featuring the characters Belle and the beast along with the words “Stacey Smith Will You Marry Me?”

Henry had never done anything as big as this before. He spent the first day painting the wall over and the second day he spent all day painting. Henry kept the entire project secret from Stacey, “I knew I was going to propose but I didn’t want to do anything that was too cliché”. Stacey, who knew he was painting, but didn’t know what, agreed to meet Henry after work for a drink, but it was only when she walked around the corner that she saw the artwork. She said she was so shocked, she burst into tears.

Stacey, who has been with Henry for three years, said it was incredibly romantic and it also felt very strange because there were a lot of people around who started clapping and cheering. “I really didn’t see all this coming, but it will certainly be one of those things I always remember.”

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